The Field of Humanities in the times of sure shot routes : Career Options

The Field of Humanities in the times of sure shot routes

In the words of some fine philosopher, contemplating the meaning of education, it is, “what one learns from the womb to tomb”, but in our times and particularly in our part of the world, the above mentioned seems to have lost its state of being germane. The turn nowadays is toward a lucrative narrative of education. Education not for the sake of learning but as a sure shot path towards an early employment.

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The biggest casualty of this vogue is the domain of humanities. Given the nature of the field, it’s not ‘very’ job oriented ostensibly. Engineering and Medicine are the only two goal posts visible through this tunnel vision. As if sans these two there just isn’t any other option. And to be honest, nothing could be further from the truth.
To begin with, more than 85% of the candidates who make through the most prestigious examination of the country, the IAS, do so in some of the subjects from the fields of humanities only. And this is just one.

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Almost every examination, for the appointment to most of the services, are open to the humanities graduates and given the general nature of these exams, most of those who qualify are from the humanities background.
Military, Police Services, Banking, Teaching or any other such career options, all of them are open to you – Humanities Students – and while coming from whatever stream is not a bar, but being from the field of humanities will definitely help you crack these entrances.
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Apart from being at parity with other domains, Humanities in this rat-race has held onto the true essence of Learning, which is, “Learning for the sake it”, and not for instant harvest but the development of one’s intellectual and mental faculties.
Rakshit sharma 


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