Guru Gobind Singh Ji 350 Birth Anniversary Special

Guru Gobind Singh Jee was born on 22nd December 1666 at “Patna Sahib now in Bihar. His father’s name was Guru Tegh Bahadur jee who is the 9th Guru of Sikhism. On his birth he was named “Gobind Roy.”

At his early age his parents shifted to Anandpur Sahib Punjab, where Gurujee learnt many languages like Sanskrit, Persian, Hindi and Punjbai. He also learnt so many skills, archery, horse riding Gatka etc., and became the master of these Skills in his early age. During Guru Gobind Singh Jee’s life span India was ruled by different Pahari Rajas, small kings and Mughal Emperors.

The common men were victimized in different ways, conversion from one religion to another was practiced and had become a law and policy of the rulers of that time. They were converting poor and innocent people to other religion forcefully.

The caste system had destroyed the whole society, low caste people were treated worst than animals. They were not allowed to worship in temples or pray God at their own will. They were not allowed to pass through high caste areas, bazzars and roads freely.


The women were treated badly as slaves of men. The female child were brutally killed. They were also not allowed to worship or pray. In short this was the situation before the birth of Dashmesh Pita Guru Gobind Singh Jee Maharaj. It is a fact that whenever cruelty crosses its limits, people suffer badly. As Almighty hears the voice of poor and innocent, it becomes legitimate to send such a personality, messenger or an Angel on this Earth who saves them, so was Guru Jee who sacrificed his whole family and himself for the whole country, for the nation and for the religion.

During that period Kashmir suffered the most as it was epicenter from where the conversion of religion took place as ordered by the Mughal Emperor. At last a group of people from Kashmir decided to meet Guru Teg Bahadur the ninth Guru of Sikhs at Anandpur Sahib for help. Guru Jee was hurt to hear this story. He was disappointed and thought how to help them. It was not an easy job (the king was in full power), to fight against the king as it was to invite death at his door. In this moment Guru Gobind Roy a, 9 years old child entered the room. His father narrated him the whole story and said that it was a difficult task and needs great “sacrifice” of a great person as the king is very cruel and does not understand the language of truth, peace and humanity. Guru Gobind Roy smiled and replied,” if it needs a great sacrifice then father (pitajee) why you are not accepting it, who is superior than you? We have to save their lives and religion at any costy”. Guru Jee smiled at his son’s reply and promised to help the needy. On knowing that Guru Teg Bahadur was planning like this, the King was very angry with Gurujee. The king called Guru jee to Delhi, where their was exchange of words between Guru jee and the king and his courtiers. Guru jee replied politely, but the king became furious and ordered to behead Guru jee at Chandni Chowk Delhi where a big Gurdawara “SEIS GUNJ” is situated now a days. With the death of Guru ji all the responsibilities were on the shoulders of a young child Gobind Roy. It was clear that sovereignty is never handed over, it is realized through strength and when all means against tyranmy, oppression fail, it is legitimate to take sword to uproot the crime. To start his mission he collected people of different religions/ sects and exhorted them to fight against the crime and injustice. The duty of his followers was to defend the weak and innocent, to obey the saint and punish the Devil. Guru Gobind Roy said that brave is one who fights for Dharma (righteousness) peace, brother hood and humanity with any caste, colour creed and sex. He embraced the low caste sects of people and said,” I belong to these sects. It is because of this that in Sikhism there is no caste system.

One day a group of Sikhs came and told Gurujee to protect them. They told him that they found it very difficult to approach thee on account of the violence of king and his men. Some of our members were killed on the way, others were wounded and returned to their homes. To whom can we look for assistance but thee. This narration and supplication of those Sikhs was the clarion call to the conscience of Guru Gobind Singh the Great. The Guru invited all his followers to attend the great Baisakhi Fair at Anandpur Sahib.

Thousands of Sikhs all over country reached to attend this Baisakhi, what happened there is a well known miracle of 13th April 1699. On this day Guru Jee prepared the holy Amrit after the surprise sacrifice of Panj Piyara’s (five beloved persons one by one. It was a unique type of initiation in the religious history of the world. Guru Gobind Singh Jee made five things essential to wear for a Sikh who shares Amrit, starting with the word “K” Kaish, Kanga, Kara, Karpan, Kacha each having its own meaning and function.

Guru Jee’s followers were increasing day by day and now he was able to fight against the cruel king and other small kings. It was due to Guru Jee mission that a Muslim peer Budhoo Shah along with his two brothers four sons and seven soliders joined Guruji’s company. Guru Jee fought so many battles, one among them was named ‘WAR OF BAINGANE” where Guru jee lost his two elder sons in the battle field and younger two were arrested put in Jail with their old grand mother and were finally brick walked till death. Guru jee throughtout his life fought against cruelty, uprooted crime. He preached man’s desire of salvation through struggle for the whole mankind. He said, “dying is the privilege of brave person, provided if they die for humanity acceptable to God and not for their self benefits.”

Guru jee was a great saint and a messenger of God with unlimited hidden spiritual power but never tried to expose it as he was thinking it a great sin and weakness of a person and showed the world to live like a common man. Her was a great philosopher military genius, a legislator, statesman, and religious guide. In the struggle and endeavours of his whole life, he did not seek any reward or profit nor left any property for his heirs and not allowed any construction at his birth or death place. Guru jee wrote many religious books in different languages like, Jap Sahib, Chopayee Shbadhajaray and Dasam Granth but put separated Sh. Guru Granth Sahib for its respect and honour. At last he ordered that Guru Granth Sahib shall be the last Guru of Sikhism and stopped the race of Guru Sahiban to avoid conflicts and doubts.

Special Thanks to Mr S Ujal Singh Tulla
Article Writer

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