JAKBOPEE Provisional Merit List of NEET MD/MS/PG Diploma /MDS candidates

JAKBOPEE Provisional Merit List (PML) of NEET MD/MS/PG Diploma /MDS candidates, 2020 for candidates belonging to the UT of J&K /Ladakh.

Reference: –

(i) Notification No. 001-BOPEE of 2020 dated 25-02-2020.

(ii) Notice No. 003-BOPEE of 2020 dated 26-02-2020.

(iii) Notice No. 006-BOPEE of 2020 dated 05-03-2020.


(iv) Notice No. 007-BOPEE of 2020 dated 06-03-2020.

(v) Notice No. 008-BOPEE of 2020 dated 06-03-2020.

(vi) S.0.69 of 2020 dated 28-02-2020.

(vii) Notice No. 009-BOPEE of 2020 dated 11-03-2020.

(viii) Notice No. 011 -BOPEE of 2020 dated 19-03-2020.

(ix) Notice No. 012-BOPEE of 2020 dated 19-03-2020.

(x) Notice No. 013-BOPEE of 2020 dated 21 -03-2020.

(xi) Notice No. 015-BOPEE of 2020 dated 24-03-2020 and,

(xii) Notification No. 006-BOPEE of 2020 dated 03-04-2020.

Notification No. 007-BOPEE of 2020 Dated 10-04-2020

Whereas, vide Notification No. 001- of 2020 dated 25-02-2020, Notice No. 003-BOPEE of 2020 dated 26-02-2020 & Notice No. 008-BOPEE of 2020 dated 06-03-2020, the candidates who had qualified NEET MD/MS/PG Diploma /MDS Examination 2020, conducted by the National Board of Examinations (NBE) were advised to submit online application for registration/ upload documents online for verification/determination of eligibility in accordance with the rules for preparation of the Provisional Merit List (PML) of candidates belonging to the UT of J&K/Ladakh etc., and;

Whereas, the last date for online registration / submission of documents which was initially fixed as 20-03-2020, was subsequently extended upto 29-03-2020 respectively and ;

Whereas, the Board, vide Notification No. 06-BOPEE of 2020 dated 03-04-2020, notified the list of candidates under Sports Category along with their ranks and also the list of candidates under Difficult Area Service etc. under SRO 201 of 2006 dated 15-6-2006 read with SRO 48 of 2018 dated 30-01 -2018. The candidates were also afforded an opportunity to make representation(s), if any, before the Board up to 08-04-2020 (2.00 PM) and:

Whereas, the Board had not received any of the representation(s)/complaint(s)/response(s) as per the list notified vide Notification no. 006- BOPEE-2020 Dated 03- 04-2020 in official website/leading newspapers till date i.e 08-04-2020 and, Whereas, online registration forms and the documents have been scrutinized by Examination section of the Board and, inter alia, it has been found/noticed as under:

1. Some of the candidates who had not qualified as per the result declared by the NBE had also submitted their documents online, and their candidature/ devoid of any merits and hence rejected. Also few candidates filled up the preliminary registration form only but did not upload any of their documents(s) at the time of registration and, therefore, their candidature is out rightly rejected being non fulfillment of statutory declarations/conditions,

2. Some candidates whose forms are deficient due to non issuance/availability of one or two documents) from head of respective/concerned departments, due to the Lock down announced by Govt, in connection with COVID-19 situation, have been provisionally approved,

3. Some candidates claiming benefit, under Reserved categories, who had not produced the certificates issued by the competent authority or had failed to upload the valid certificate(s) and were afforded an opportunity but failed to do so, have been considered under open merit category in case they are otherwise eligible to be considered under OM candidates.

4. Further, the candidates who failed to produce valid Difficult Area certificate in terms of SRO 201 of 2006 dated 15-6-2006 read with SRO 48 of 2018 dated 30-01-2018 have been considered under OM Category candidates provided that they are eligible within cut-off of merit score/ or have a valid category certificate and fall within the cut-off category score as the case may be. However, the Difficult Area Marks have been considered subject to being eligible in accordance with the rules (SRO 48 of 2018 dated 30-01-2018 read with SRO 201 of 2006 dated 15-06-2006) on the subject and added to the score obtained by the candidates;

5. Some of the candidates, who have been granted admission during 2018 and 2019 and are either pursuing PG Courses or have left the same midway/after the cutoff date prescribed by the Board had also applied for registration 2020, despite being ineligible under SRO 08 of 2005 read with SRO 48 of 2018 dated 30-01 -2018, and duly notified by the Board. Such candidates, who could be identified by the Board, have been declared ineligible vide Notification No. 06-BOPEE of 2020 dated 03-04-2020 and cannot compete further in the admission process. The Board is also contemplating taking further action against such candidates for applying for admission in 2020 not withstanding clear provisions of rules, and is notified by the BOPEE also.

6. Any other candidate figuring in the Provisional Merit List, but not eligible in terms of SRO 8 of 2005 read with SRO 48 of 2018, shall also not be eligible and be liable to further action for concealing the material facts before the Board.


1. Provisional Merit List (PML) of the candidates forming Annexure,,A”and”B”to this Notification in respect of MD/MS/PG Diploma & MDS courses candidates respectively for 2020 is hereby notified for information of the candidates which is inclusive of Difficult Area Marks as already notified vide Notification No. 06-BOPEE of 2020 dated 03-04-2020.

2. The list of candidates whose documents are deficient is annexed as AnnexureuC”to this notification as they failed to submit/upload one or other essentially required which shall have obtained by them from various departments which are closed due to COVID-19 Lock down. All such candidates are to be considered provisionally for inclusion in the PML with the condition that they shall submit their pending /deficient document(s) at the time of their admission, (if selected),to the Management Committee of respective allotted colleges during their joining time, otherwise their candidature(s) shall be treated as cancelled abinitio and shall lose their any claim.

3. The list of candidates, whose candidature has been rejected/for the reasons indicated herein above and shown against each is annexed as AnnexureuD”to this notification.

4. The following documents shall be required to be produced in the Board/lnstitution along with such other documents as may be felt necessary: –

a) Completion of internship by the candidates by or before 31 -03-2020 and production of documentary evidence with regard to same in the Board office immediately after its completion:

b) Degree completion certificates issued by the competent institution/ authorities wherever provisional certificates have been submitted by the candidates;

c) Submission of registration with the State Medical Council/State Dental Council in respect of candidates possessing certificates of other State/UT Councils;

d) ‘NOC in respect of in-service candidates including NHM candidates who are otherwise bound by Terms of Contract with the employer/ competent authority.

e) Other documents as notified from time to time or additional documents if any, as may be required;

5. Mere figuring in the Provisional Merit List shall not confer any right to any of the candidate(s) to participate in the admission process further, like in the Online filling up of preferences or allotment of a seat and shall and shall be on the basis of eligibility of the candidates and the number of candidates as may be allowed to participate in the further process in accordance with the conditions contained in the Information Brochure notified by the Board. Any candidate(s) found ineligible at any stage of admission process will be debarred from the process without any opportunity/notice whatsoever may be the reasons.


1. The candidates, in their own interest, are advised to remain in touch with the BOPEE website in regularly as the Online filling of preference Form for online allotment of seats shall be notified at a short notice. The candidates are also advised to go through the Information Brochure carefully and the procedures contained therein for filling up of Online preferences, etc.

2. An operative seat matrix shall also be notified along with the notification for online submission of preference forms in due course of time.

3. Any candidate(s) who desires to make the representation against the position assigned to him/ her in the Merit List may do so upto 14-04-2020 (02 PM) and submit the same online through email: [email protected]. The representation(s) received after the prescribed date and time will not be entertained under any circumstances,

4. This notification of Provisional Merit List shall be without prejudice to the outcome of writ petition(s), if any, pending before the any competent Court of Law.

5. The Candidate namely Dr. Nadeem Bashir Pushoo figuring at Sr. No. 427 in annexure-A to this notification has been included in the list in terms of interim directions of the Hon’ble High Court dated 11.03.2020 passed in WP (C) No. 724/2020 titled Dr. Nadeem Bashir Pushoo v/s UT & Ors. The same is provisional and subject to further direction/final outcome of the writ petition from Hon’ble High Court.

Annexure “A””B” “C” and “D” to this Notification are available on BOPEE website


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