JKSSB Syllabus for written test (Objective Type) for Health Theatre Assistant


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It is notified for the information of the candidates, who have applied for below mentioned posts i.e Theater Assistant notified from time to time, that the Board is going to conduct the Objective Type Written Test during the Month of October 2015 for which the syllabus is appended to this notice at Annexure “A”.
AFTERNOON Tentative Date of Objective Type Written Test
on 04 OF October, 2015 (Batch 4 AF)


1 9T4- 02 of 2011 Health Theatre Assistant Kathua
2 924 02 of 2011 Health Theatre Assistant Doda

Government of Jammu and Kashmir J&K Services Selection Board

Annexure “A”

Syllabus for written test (Objective Type) for the above said posts.

Max time:-150, Time:-2.30 Hours
1. Pre-operative Consideration:

5 Marks

Psychological support of the surgical patient.

2. Protection of the patient in surgery:

25 Marks

-Admission Procedure -Transfer Procedure Position -Environmental Controls -Electro-Surgery -Operative Records -Counting Procedure -Sterilization

-Emergencies and Disasters.

Surgical Instruments:

15 Marks

-Instruments for general surgery Operation of the face and neck

Operations of the Nose, Throat and : Accessory Nasal Sinuses Ophthalmic surgery Sinuses, Ear & throat

-Operations of the Chest, Operations on the Genito-Urinary Tract

– Gynecological and Obstetric Operations -Orthopedic Operations

– Neuro-surgical Operations Radium Insertion Traumatic Surgery.

4. Surgical Procedures:

05 Marks

i) Neck Surgery:

Thyroidectomy Parathyroidectomy Thyroglossal Cystectomy

ii) Preast Procedures :

Beast Biopsy Mastectomy

iii) Abdominal Extraintestinal Surgery:-Abdominal laprotomy Abdominal Hernlography Cholecystectomy

Drainage of Pancreatic Cyst (Pseudocyst)

Pancreaticoduodectomy (Whipples procedure)


Dranage of Abscess (es) in the region of liver Hepatic Resection Spleenectomy.

iv) Gastriubtestinal Surgery Esopghagoscopy Gastroscopy Colonoscopy Sigmoidoscopy Vagotomy and Pyloroplasty Gastrostomy Gastrectomy Small Bowel Resection Cutaneous illeostomy Appendectomy Colostomy Closure of colostomy Right Hemincolectomy Transverse Coplectomy

Anterior Resection of the Sigmoid Colon and Rectum Haemorrhoidectomy Pilonidal Cystectomy and Sinusectomy Theirsch Procedure

Ripstein Procedure (Prosacral Rectopexy)

5) Gynaecologic and Obstetric Surgery

05 Marks

Dilatation of the Cervix and Curettage of the Uterus (D&C) Conization of the Uterine Cervix Therapeutic Abortion by suction Currettage Marsupialization of Bartholin’s Duct Cyst Abdominal Ligabion (Different Procedures)


Anterior and /or Posterior Colporraphy Laparoscopy

Total Abdominal Hysterectomy Slpingo-Oophorectomy Tuboplasty of the Fallopian Tubes Pelvic Exenteration Caesarian Section.

Genitourinary Surgery:

Hypospadias repair Epispadias repair Penile Implant

Marshall-Marchetti-Krantz Procedure Hydrocolectomy Vasectomy Vasovasostomy Cutaneous Vasostomy Spermatocolectomy Orchectomy Gystoscopy Cystosdopy

Transurethral Resetion of the Prostate

(TURP) and /or Lesions of the Bladder or Bladder Nech (TURB) Open Prostatectomy Nephrectomy

Upper Tract Urolithotomy(Ureterolithotomy, Pheloothotomy, Nephrolithotomy) cutaneous vresterstomy Llegal conduit

Extracproeal shock wave Lithotrpsy (ESWL)

Ultrasonic Lithortripsy Electrohydraulic Lithotripsy

6) Thoracic Procedures:

05 Marks

Bronchosopy Mediastioscopy

Segmental Resection of the Lung Wedge Resection of the Lung Pulmonarty Lobectomy Pneumonectomy Decortication of the Lung Insertion of Transvenous Endocardial Pacemaker Correction of Pectus Excavatum Thymectomy Cardiovasular Surgery:-

Carotid Endartererctomy

Abdominal Aortic Procedures(Abdominal Aortic Abneurysmectomy, Abdominal Aortic Endaertectomy) with Astroilliac Graft Femoropopliteal Bypass Greater Saphenous vein Ligation and Stripping Portasystemic Shunt Artheriovenous Shunt Arteriovenous Fistula Cardiac procedures BY pass Surgery(Different Procedures)

Orthopaedic Surgery:

Open reduction of a carpal Bone Fracture Excision of a Gaglion Carpal tunnel Release Open rduction of the Humerus Open reduction of the Radius and /or Ulna Open reduction of an Olecranon process Fracture Repair of recurrent Anterior Dislocationm of the Shoulder Open reduction of Fracture of the Humeral Head (including Humeral Head Prosthesis)

Internal Fixation of the Hip Femoral head Prosthethic Replacement Total Hip replacement Openreduction of the femoral Shaft Triple Arthrodesis of the Ankle Total Ankle joint Replacement Open reduction of ankle Arthrotomy of the Knee
Excision of Popliteal(Baker’s Cyst)

Total knee replacement Open reduction of the Tibial shaft Bunionectomy

Correction of hammer toe Defrmity with interphalabngeal Fusion Metarsal Head Resection Procedure for correction of scoliosis Amputatiohn of lower Extremity | Neurological Surgery :

05 Marks

Craniotomy Cranioplasty

Transphenoidal Hypophysectomy Ventricular Shunts Laminectomy

Excision of a Cervical Intervetebral Disc with fusion,

AntoriorApproach. lastic Surgery :

Cleft Lip repair Cleft Palate repair Reduction of Nasal Fracture Reduction of Mandibular Fracture Reduction of a Zygomatic Fracture Open reduction of an Orbital Floor Fracture Rhinoplasty

Mentoplasty Augmentation Blepgharoplasty Rhytidectomy Dermabrasion Otoplasty

Repair of Syndactyly Digital Flexor Tendon repair Peripheral Nerve repair Palmar Fascoectomy Reduction Mammoplasty Abdominoplasty /Abdominal Liposuction Liposuction ) Otorhinolarynogologic (ENT) Surgery:

05 Marks

Myringotomy Mastoidectomy Tympanoplasty Stapedectomy

Submucous Resection of the Nasal Septum(SMR) / Septoplasty Intranasal Antrosstomy / Intranasal Fenestration of the Nasoantal Wall. Caldwell-Luo procedure(Radial Drainage of the antrum of the Maxillary Sinuses)

Nasal Polypectomy Drainage of the Frontal Sinus Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy (T and A)

Laryngoscopy Traheostomy

Excision of the Submaxillary (Submandibular Gland)

Parotidectomy Laryngectomy Radial Neck Dissection Excision of lesions of the oral cavity

(Partial Glossectomy with Margyinal Rsection of the Mandible) pthalmic Surgery :

General Information Excision of a Chalazion Canthotomy Corection of Ectropion Blepharoptosis repair Lacrimal Duct Probing Dacryocystothinostomy Correction of Strabismus Esyiscertation of the Globe Orbital Exenteration Corneal Transplant /Ekeratoplasty Cataract Extraction Iridectomy Trabeculectomy Excision of a pterygium Repair of Retinal Detachment /Scieral Bucking Vitrectomty

Refractive keratoplasty I Pediatric Procedures:-

02 Marks

Pediatric General Information Pediatric Tracheostomy Branchial sinusectomy Reparir of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Omphalocele Repair Pediatric Umblical Herniography Reparia of congenital Atrersia of the Esophagus Insertion of a central Venous Catheter(Padiatric)

Pyloromyotomy for congenital Hypertrophic Pyloric Stenosis Pediatric Gastrostomy Reduction of pediatric intususception Pediatric Colostomy

Pediatric Colorctal Resection for Aganglionic Megacalon/Hirschsprung’s Disease Repair of imperforate Anus 0. Anaesthesia:

13 Marks

General Information General Anaesthesia Conduction

1. Generalanaesthesia: Conduction anaesthesia:

Spinal Epidural Caudal Regional Local Topical

11 Methods for preparation of the Patients for Anaesthesia:

05 Marks

• Methods and Proedures (during after operation)

12 Surgical Procedures and Monotioring:Safety for operation Room Personnel:

25 Marks

In Service education Body mechanic Fatigue Factors Radiation Safety Infection control Chemical Hazzards

3 Preparation of Instruments Tray:-

20 Marks

Major procedures tray Basic /Minor procedures tray Limited procedures tray Thyroid tray Long instruments tray Biliary tract procedures tray Choledochoscopy tray Basic rigid sigmoidoscopy tray Gastrointestinal procedures tray Rectal procedures tray

4 Gynecologic and obstetric Trays:

05 Marks

Dilatation of the Cervix and Curettagge of the Uterus (D&C) Tray Cervical Cone Tray Laparoscopy Abdominal Hystrectomy Caesarian Section tray Vaginal Hysterectomy tray Genitourinary Trays:

Vasectomy tray Open Prostatectomy Kidney tray

5 Thoracic Trays:

05 Marks

Mediastinoscopy tray Thoractomy Tray Pacemaker tray Cardiovascular Trays:-

Vascular Procedures tray Vascular Shunt Tray Cardiac procedures tray Orthopadeic Trays:

Basic orthopaedi procedures tray Minor orthopaedic procedures tray Bone holding instruments tray Hip retractor tray Knee Arthtotomy tray Knee or Ankle Anthroscopy tray

6 Neurologic Procedures Tray:

05 Marks

Craniotomy tray Laminectomy Tray

Kerrison Rongeurs and Pituitary Coreps tray Otorhinolaryngologic(ENT) Tray:

Basic Ear procedures tray Nasal procedures tray Myringotomy tray

Tonsiliectomy and Adenoidectomy tray Tracheostomy tray Antral Puncture tray Opthalmic Trays:

Basic Eye procedures tray Eyelid and Conjunctional procedures tray Basic Eye Muscle procedures tray Cataract Extractionand Lense procedures tray Glaucoma Procedures tray Basic Eye procedures Microscope tray Retinal procedures tray Pediatric Tray :

Pediatric major procedures tray Pediatric minor Procedures tray Pediatric Gastrointestinal Procedures trays.


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