UNIVERSITY OF KASHMIR MA/MSc./MCom. 3rd & 4th Semester Examination Datesheet



For M.A./M.Sc./M.Com. 3rd & 4,h Semester Examination (Fresh /Backlog/Div. Improvement candidates) appearing through Distance Mode, (Session: February- 2015) Urdu, Economics, Mathematics, English and Commerce TIME: 12:00 NOON
Date & Day  3″ and 4:” Semesters / Course No: and Title
31-01-2015 Saturday  
UR: Urdu Criticism
MM-CP 301: Ordinary Differential Equations(New)/Advanced Real Analysis (Old);
2 02-2015    Monday   
ECO 220: Theory of Public Economics(New)/EC0-61S: Theory of International Trade (Old)
EHG-09: Poetry -II (Romantic and Victorian); (Old/New)
COM-301: Corporate Tax Planning and Management/ Human Resource Management(Old/New);
3-02-2015 Tuesday 
UR-10: Urdu Drama
MMCP-302: Functional Analysis-(New)/Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations (Old);
04-02-2015  Wednesday
ECO-221: Indian Economy-l(New)/EC0-616: Public Economics (Old);
ENG-10: American Literature-I (19″ and20,n century Novel) (New)
COM-302: Strategic Management/ Marketing Management (Old/ New)
0502-2015  Thursday   
UR-11: Non-Fictional Genres of Urdu Prose/Linguistics;
MM-OP-305: Theory of Numbers-l/(New)MM-0P-3Q3: Theory of Numbers-I (Old);
07 02-2015  Saturday  
ECO 222: Monetary Economics(New)/ ECO-617: Banking Financial Institutions and Markets(Old);
ENG-11: Literary Theory-l(New);
COM-303: International Business /Production & Materials Management (Old/New)
10-02-2015 Tuesday    
UR-12 (Optional): Development of Urdu in J&K (Optional 1)/ History of Kashmiri Language and Literature! Optional  II); MM-0P-306Advanced Topics in Mathematical Modeling(New)\MM-0P-305: Probability and Statistics-1 (Old)
12-02-2015 Thursday   
ECO-223 Political Economv-New)/ EC0-618: Economics of Growth and Development (Old);
ENG-12: Indian Writing in English(New); COM-304: Financial Management(New);
COM-307; Services Marketing and Customer Relationship Management(old)
MM-OP-307: Operation Research (New)\MM-OP-309: Operation Research-I (Old)
14 02-2015  Saturday
ECO 224: Demography(New)/EC0-620: Economics of Tourism/ ECO-621 transition Economics(Old);      COM-305: Financial Risk Management (New)
COM-308: International Marketing;(0ld)
CQM-306: Accounting Theory (New)
16 02-2015  Monday
UR-13: Translation, Theory and Practice
MM-CP-401: Partial Differentials Eguations(New) / Lebesque integration Theory(Old);
18-02-2015 Wednesday
ECO-228: Money and Finance in lndla(New)/ECO-622: Political Economy (Old);
ENG-13: Poetry-lll(New);
COM-401: Business Ethics /Industrial Relations (Old/ New);
19-02-2015 Thursday
UR-14: Teaching of Urdu
MM-CP 402: Differential Geometry(New)/Theory of Partial Differential Equations (Old);
21-02-2015 Saturday 
EC0-229: Indian Economy-ll(New)/ECO-623: Environmental Economics (Old);
ENG-14: Literary Theory-ll(New);
COM-402: Capital Investment and Financing Decisions/ Services Marketing (Old /New);
23 02-2015  Monday 
UR-15: Urdu Mass Media
MMOP-405: Theory of Numbers-ll(New)\MM-0P-403: Theory of Numbers-
24 02-2015 Tuesday 
ECO-230: Environmental Economics (New)/
EC0-624: International Finance and Institutions (Old);
ENG-15: American Uterary-ll; (poetry and Drama) (New);
COM-403: E-Commerce/ Strategic Management(0ld /New)
25-02-2015   Wednesday
UR-18: Special Study of Individual Author-(i) Ghalib-(ii) Iqbal
MM-0P-406: Advanced Topics in Graph Theory(New)\
MM-0P-405: Probability and Statistics ll
26-02-2015  Thursday  

ECO 231: Political Economy-ll(New)/ECO-625: Indian Economy Planning and Policy (Old);
ENG-16: New Literatures in English; (Poetry and Novel) (New);
COM-404: Advanced Financial Management (New);
COM-407: Consumer Behavior & Marketing Research; (Old)
MM OP 407: Mathematical Statistic(New)/ MM-0P-409: Operation Research II (Old);
28-02-2015 Saturday

ECO 232: J & K Economy(New)/EC0-626: Rural Economics (Old);
ECO -62 /: Computer Applications;
C0M-405: Security Analysis’s and Portfolio Management (New)/Finandal risk Mgt. and Derivates(Old);
COM-406: Merchant Banking Operations;(Old)
COM-409: Advertising and Sales Management; (Old)
1.     Mobile phones/electronic gadgets are not allowed in the Examination Centre.
2.     Candidates can download their Roll No. slips at University Website, KU.


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